Native application



This is a little application. We develope it to enhance MaoXian’s abilities.

Important News

On the latest version of ruby which is 2.7.0, there’s some interfaces are not compatible with old code. It’ll cause this Native APP not able to download images. So if you have installed ruby 2.7.0 and your Native App’s version is less than 0.2.3, you should upgrade it.



Install ruby

ruby is required, install it first. Make sure version >= 2.4.1.

Install Ruby


Download software according to your OS and browser type.

Current Version 0.2.12

Extract zip file

in linux or mac

unzip -d maoxian-web-clipper-native

in windows

Use any extract software your like, extract it to a fold :D

install the software

configure download path

You must configure your download path first,

You will find a file named config.yaml, use any text editor to edit it. Notice: if you OS is windows, don’t edit it use notePad, use something like notepad++ which can handle line break correctly.

Notice: download path must exist

e.g in linux

# config.yaml
environment: 'production'
data_dir: '/home/jack/clippings'

e.g in windows

# config.yaml
environment: 'production'
data_dir: 'e:\jack\clippings'

configure MaoXian Web Clipper

Finish. :D



  1. Backup config.yaml
  2. Uninstall Native App
  3. Download latest version in current page and extract it.
  4. Replace config.yaml in extracted directory using the file we had backuped in first step.
  5. Install this Native App