MaoXian Web Clipper



It’s a web extension to clip information from web page. And save it to your local machine to avoid information invalidation.

That’s it, Not bored registration, Not charged.


Software Preview



If your browser enable “ask for filename every download”, please disable this option. (because MaoXian Web Clipper will download lots of file one clipping, you will get lots of window if you enable this option)

Storage Path

All the file you clip will save in $downloadFold/mx-wc directory.

Assume your default download path is /home/foo/downloads, then it will save file in /home/foo/downloads/mx-wc


We deeply believe that a software will become a really useful software, only when users keep reporting bugs and giving suggestions and developers keep enhancing the software according to the feedbacks. We’ve got lots of bug reportings from users

You could help MaoXian Web Clipper development in many ways.