Offline index page


This is a static page, which supports list and search clipping history like the MaoXian’s history page does. use this page, you can browse your clippings offline, which means you can browser your clippings in a new device without install MaoXian.

By the way, you can change this page as much as you like. Only HTML, CSS and javascript in it.

version: 0.0.5


Download it && extract it.

Note: MaoXian extension has supported changing name of root folder since version 0.1.34. This static page also has a new configure file (config.js) since version 0.0.4. If you’ve changed name of root folder in extention setting page, then you should change the “rootFolder” item in configure file.

STEP 1: Move directory

Move extracted directory(named: history) to $downloads/mx-wc, after moving, it’s path looks like $downloads/mx-wc/history

Directory name “history” is the default name, you can rename it, or even move it’s file to $download/mx-wc. See below for more details.

Let’s assume your $download folder is /home/jack/Downloads , then $download/mx-wc folder is /home/jack/Downloads/mx-wc.

offline page path Support? description
/home/jack/Downloads/mx-wc/offline-index/index.html Yes We only rename it from history to offline-index
/home/jack/Downloads/mx-wc/offline-index.html Yes We move all file in history to $download/mx-wc and rename index.html to offline-index.html
/home/jack/Downloads/mx-wc/offline-pages/history/index.html Yes We place this page in a deeper directory
/home/jack/history/index.html No This page can not placed outside $download/mx-wc directory

STEP 2: Open it with browser

Use your favourite browser open that index.html($download/mx-wc/history/index.html), This is the offline index page we talked before.

STEP 3: Configure MaoXian extension

After step 2, you’ll see a page just like MaoXian’s history page and there are two sample clipping records which is store in clippings.js. clippings.js is the file which index.html will load clipping records from. At this step, You should configure your MaoXian Web Clipper to generate it automatically. Go to MaoXian extension’s setting page > offline index page.

Do this: