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Why it requires so many permissions?

Before we describe every permission’s usage, it’s necessary to clarify one thing: The description of permissions you saw on browser is said on user’s position. when you saw these description. You should consider it as this extension will get the potential to do these things(whatever description of permission you saw) if it has got this permission rather than this extension will do these things if it has got this permission.

Content below is the permissions that is declared in manifest.json. We’ll use these permission names to introduce it’s usage.

  "permissions": [

Permission: <all_urls>

Permission: webNavigation

Permission: webRequest and webRequestBlocking

Permission: storage


Permission: tabs

Permission: downloads and

Permission: nativeMessaging

Not response after click clip

Please check situation below:

Stop on clipping-hint every clipping

If you meet this situation. It’s probably because you had installed some extension(e.g. chrone) to manage your downloads. Download manage extension will intercept your download request, MaoXian use download API to save your clipping information. MaoXian can’t finish its clipping because of that interception.

We have also found some user install MaoXian on other browser(like: vivaldi) which is base on chromium project, that means MaoXian may work fine on these browser. but these browser(e.g. vivaldi) have developed their own download manage function which will intercept download request too.

To solve this confliction, we had developed a native application which can receive download request that was sent by MaoXian.

See: Native App

Change default download path.

If you choose Native App as your clipping handler. You can edit the config.yaml to configure download path, don’t forget to restart your browser to apply new configuration.

If you choose browser as your clipping handler(default handler). Web Extension can’t modify your download path, due to secure reason.

But you can create a symbolic link to achieve this.

For Linux/Mac



ln -s /home/jack/Dropbox/clips /home/jack/Downloads/mx-wc

For Windows


Save command below as mklink.bat, and run mklink.bat as administrator(right click, run as administrator).


mklink /D C:\Users\jack\Downloads\mx-wc C:\Users\jack\OneDrive\clips

I don’t want to save information files

Information files (or meta files) are very important for MaoXian. MaoXian use it to identify each clipping result. Functions like Clipping History and Resetting History dependent on information files. So we hightly recommend you save these files.

WARNING: If you do not save these information files, MaoXian will not recognize them anymore, it usually means that you want to use another software to browser and manager the clipped files.

Here’s how to configure it:

Go to settings > Reset / Backup, ensure the “Setting page’s configuration” item is checked, after click “Backup to file” button you will get a JSON file. Use a text editor to open it and search saveInfoFile. change the value from true to false.

Click “Restore from file” button, select the file you just editted. After the restoration, the change will be applied.

Can’t open clipping on history page

Some user had found that the clipping on history page can open after clipping, But couldn’t open it another day.

This is because MaoXian will try to open clipping file through download history if it can’t access file URLs. If you clear that history, then it can’t open it.

allow it to access file URLs, can avoid this situation.

Allow access file URLs

Web browser don’t allow extension to access file URLs(file://). MaoXian can’t open clipping file(opening file URL) directly because of it.

We suggest you to allow MaoXian to access file URLs. So you can open clipping file more convenient.

Section below describes how to allow MaoXian to access file URLs(file://).

1. Getting “extension identifier”

You can get it from MaoXian’s setting page.

It looks like this:

2. configure browser settings

This step is different between each browser.


Take extension identifier above as an example, input chrome://extensions/?id=612ab18c-c29e-4211-bd50-3f208d227db7 to browser’s address bar, Enter.

Enable Allow access to file URLs option.


Firefox hasn’t provide a page to setting this option by default, but we can change firefox’s preference settings.

I: input about:config to address bar and enter, you will get a configuration page.

II: configure these item below

Item Name Item Value Note
capability.policy.policynames localfilelinks -
capability.policy.localfilelinks.sites moz-extension://612ab18c-c29e-4211-bd50-3f208d227db7 change this to extension identifier you got
capability.policy.localfilelinks.checkloaduri.enabled allAccess -

Copy item name, paste to search.

If you can find it. Change it’s value by double click.

If you can’t find it. Do: right click > new > String > paste item name > paste item value

3. configure extension settings

Back to MaoXian’s setting page,check “I enabled ‘allow file scheme access’”.

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